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Coming Topics

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

In Progress

  • Ethiopian Coffee Discoveries (Edu)

  • Acidity or Bitterness? (Edu)

  • A brief look at Filtered coffee machines (Rev)

  • Coffee Production (Top)

  • James Hoffmann's videos (Rev)


  • Ethiopian Coffees Compared

  • Our home roasting journey (Edu)

  • Popcorn Roasting (Edu)

  • Behmor Roasting (Edu & Rev)

  • Blending (Edu)

  • James Hoffmann's Atlas (Rev)

  • Kenneth Davids' Coffee book (Rev)

  • Kenneth Davids' Roasting book (Rev)

  • Top Coffee Questions (Top)

  • Favourite Coffees by Region (Top)

  • Our Favourite Coffees (Rev)

  • Coffee Consumption (Top)

  • Best-reviewed Bean-To-Cup (Top)

  • Best-reviewed Semi-automatic (Top)

  • Best-reviewed Manual (Top)

  • Best-reviewed Roasters (Top)

  • Comparison of machines showing cost vs features & other users' feedback (Top)

  • Coffee Grading

Under consideration

  • Pressure, Flow and Pre-infusion (Edu)


(possible future expansion)

  • Honey Processing (Edu)

  • Delonghi Bean-to-Cup experiments (Edu & Rev)


  • Coffee Shots & "The God Shot"(Edu)

  • Coffee scale (Rev)

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